Business Development Holland (English)

Renewable energy in domestic housing is our passion and our common future.

The energy transition from fossile energy into renewables for power, heating and domestic hot water, offers us challenges but also opportunities. Business Development Holland (BDH) est. 2015 offers consultancy and state-of-the-art information tools in the energy market, with a strong focus on the domestic housing segment, smart grids and heat pump implementation. The integral approach of electrification of heating, mobility, renewable power production together with storage are our specific competence fields. Due to its pro-active Pan-European approach, a.o.with the International Energy Agency, BDH belongs to the established knowledge houses on heat pump technology and smart grids. Participants in our projects come from countries all over Europe, USA and South-Korea. BDH delivers contributions to well known technology events such as the bi-annual Heat Pump Summit – Neurenberg, tri-annual IEA Congres, etc.etc.